There is no need for non sense reinvention of what perfectly works from centuries, there can be only soft restyling need. Quite simply, this Kukri is one of the best survival knives of its size. It can cut with the power of a hatchet, but also be used for skinning, fine carving, digging, smashing..."

Fox make some of the best knives and tools in the world, combining age old craftsmanship with bang up to the minute technologies. The Kukri and the FKMD Extremesurvive are superb tools for bush or campsite clearance and made with long term use in mind. They are supplied with tough sheaths with leg straps provided.

Blade: Double cutting angle
Overall Length: 365mm (14½in)
Blade Length (inches): 235mm (9¼in) / 405 g (14.3 oz)
Blade Material: Cobalt vanadium stainless steel N690Co HRC 58-60
Blade Coating: Ceramic DLC process HRC 72-75
Carry System: Reenforced Cordura sheath with leg straps 
Handle Material: Forprene
Designer: Extremesurvive
Manufacturer: FOX FKMD Division
Made in Italy

Fox extreme tactical kukri
 Tube tests

Choose your model behind and survive the impossible! 

         http://www.fkmdknives.com/n/en/product/347/fox_extreme_tactical_kukr.html   http://www.fkmdknives.com/n/en/product/348/fox_extreme_tactical_kukr.html   http://www.fkmdknives.com/n/en/product/349/fox_extreme_tactical_kukr.html   http://www.fkmdknives.com/n/en/product/342/fox_extreme_tactical_kukr.html               FX-9CM04 T                        FX-9CM05 T                          FX-9CM05 BT                       FX-9CM04 BT

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The Bahco Mora knife is made from high alloy stainless steel, giving it excellent corrosion resistance. The blade is only hardened to RC55, sacrificing a little edge retention but giving the blade immense toughness and sharpenability.

Made in Sweden from High Quality Stainless steel
Incredibly sharp blade
Non-slip rubberised grip handle
Great for Hunting, Fishing and general use

”It is just better than Mora Clipper!”


Extremesurvive T-shirt is made of first class 100% cotton tubular fabric by leading g German producer. This year collection is in black opal color, with white hi quality double layer printing. All our T-shirts have 2 year warranty!

Material: 100% ring-spun cotton tubular fabric
Cotton thickness: 155 g/m² 
Sizes: S-M-L-XL
Made in Germany


Extremesurvive Fire-Steel helps to ignite a fire in any weather at any time.Its 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Must have survival kit equipment. For all survival experts, hunters, fisherman and camper. Including scraper and lanyard. Extremesurvive Fire-Steel  is longer and bigger.

Produces a high-heat sparks easily - ignite paper, dry grass or bark
An easy-carry and lightweight fire starter for camping,wilderness survival,outdoor exercises and more.
Nylon Cord for easy carrying
Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature 


Flint Diameter: 0.3inch or 0.8cm
Flint Length: 3.54inch or 9cm , this is the longest so far.
Scraper Length: 2.56inch or 6.5cm
Material: Flint (magnesium), Scraper (iron)
Weight: 52g or 1.67oz Steel length: 6,5 cm - Diameter: 9 mm

Bright spark, can be used as emergency signal
Hi magnesium percentage for extra burning power