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Korporativni Team Building


Decision- making skills when the conditions are not ideal are highly prized in today's corporate world. You expect your team of professionals to be able on symbiotic team work, think on their feet and act in the best interests of your company. A survival exercise in the wilderness tremendously help build team's confidence in decision-making, as well as bring them together as a powerful limit less working team.

 program name  corporate  min / max spots  10 / 50
 dates  on request  course environment  on request
 total duration  on request  min / max °C
 5 / 30
 difficulty level  medium  sleeping method  made shelters
 special knowledge's need   no  included food  no
 medical certificate need  no  min / max kilos lost  1 / 2
 insurance  yes (Uniqa outdoor)  certificate / t-shirt
 yes / yes

For more details about CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING SURVIVAL - reservations and to obtain obligatory equipment list, please contact by mail on: info@extremesurvive.com 
All participants will have deep study in psychology of survival, fire making modern and primitive methods, shelter building, finding and treating water, hunting and snaring, use of primitive and not weapons and tools, navigation and direction finding, tracking, trapping, signaling, first aid, survival kit...


How to?

Fix a goal for your survival weekend. Your company's mission may be to improve customer support through proactive resolution of customer complaints. A wilderness survival weekend where problem solving is the focus is one of the best ways to instill this behavior in your staff.
Plan the duration of your survival weekend in the wilderness. Since most camping facilities will require long-distance travel. COSS recommendation is you should plan for at least 2 to 3 days for your team building event.
Make sure people are well informed about what to expect on this wilderness survival weekend. We will provide you with a detailed list of equipment and clothing they should bring along, unless you decide to provide everything that will be required during the weekend.
Developing of a scenario to achieve your team building message is our work. For example, if you want to instill a spirit of support and trust within your group, we'll design a series of way-finding or scavenger hunt activities within the wilderness. Overcoming physical obstacles such as climbing or tracking is another good exercise.
Incorporate basic wilderness survival skill training into your event by hiring an COSS experienced guides. Topics that might be covered include shelter construction, climbing, traps, edible plants, wound treatment in the wild or way-finding without modern technology.
Encourage your team to use this time to evaluate how they work together with fellow employees. They should examine their interactions carefully throughout the weekend. A brief evaluation questionnaire provided at the end of the weekend is one way to encourage this kind of self-examination.