Vojno preživljavanje


Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape - SERE based military survival course. Learning to adapt to all biomes and their associated weather conditions, along with surviving various captivity situations. Learn to act like special force member, specifically trained, equipped, organised, and employed to conduct special survival and evasion operations in amassing surroundings - abandoned ex. special forces military base near Pula.

 course name military survival
 min / max spots 4 / 8
 dates on request course environment urban / woods
 total duration 3 days
 min / max °C
 difficulty level medium sleeping method -
 special knowledge's need  minimum included food yes
 medical certificate need yes min / max kilos lost 1 / 2
 insurance need - certificate

Evasion, hiding and camoufladge, animal tracking and trapping, man tracking, track hiding, psychology, survival priorities, use of weapons and tools, climbing, navigation and finding your way out, emergency first aid... are only some of knowledges we offer due this course.For more details about MILITARY SURVIVALCOURSE - reservations and to obtain obligatory equipment list, please contact by mail on: info@extremesurvive.com 

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