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Gorski Kotar extreme


Gorski Kotar,

Gorski kotar (English: Mountain District)is a region in central Croatia. It is known for its woods
and mountain rivers. It is surrounded by mountains Kapela, Klek, Risnjak, Sneznik, Bjelolasica,
and rivers Kupa, Cabranka and Dobra. The area of Gorski kotar covers some 2000 square
kilometers and it is populated by 65000 people (1991 census). Most of the inhabitants live
in cities Delnice, Vrbovsko, Ogulin, Cabar and Mrkopalj. This tour will show you
some of the most beautiful parts of Gorski kotar, mostly nature.


Exploring remote terrain of Kupa (Čabar) / trekking / localization and mapping of natural water sources /
appropriate shelter study / study of no map-compass orientation /  primitive method fire management /
flint exploration and primitive weapons buildings / flora classification for diet applications...

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EXPEDITION CURRICULUM                                                             
 expedition_name  G.KOTAR_EXTREME_1  free_places/actual_participant  10/5
 dates  *see_on_calendar_on_Home   course_environment  LOW_ALTITUDE_MOUNTAINS 
 total_duration  60_hours   estimate_temperature   by_day_25°/by_night_5°
 difficulty_level  2_HARD  sleeping_method  HAND_MADE_SHELTER
 special_knowledges_need   SURVIVAL  guide/s_name  B.S./M.K./S.B.
 medical_certificate_need  NO  estimate_body_kg_lose   3
 location  G.KOTAR  PRICE  NO COST

 cloth  SPRING_CLOTH  total_water_start_amount  1LT
 shoes  HIKING_BOOTS  total_water_per_container_amount   3LT
 transportation  SMALL_BACKPACK  first_aid  1_PERSON_REGULAR
 must_have  SRV_KNIFE//FLINT  food  MIN.
 special_equipment  20MT_JUTE_ROPE//2TRASH_BAG   special_food_supplements